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tv   Ronan Farrow Daily  MSNBC  September 25, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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defiant. >> he has been an important ally to the president. they treated him for a surrogate for the way they wanted to go after the president and felt like they couldn't in public. >> 1:00 on the east coast and 10:00 aim o the west. here's what you need to know right now. the fbi pushing back now against claims from iraq's prime minister that he has evidence of an isis terror plot against new york city and paris. just issuing this statement, we are aware of the report and the administration has been coordinated at a high level with local, state, and federal partners. this overall threat is actually -- just listen to what he said before this news broke. >> this is the time of concern.
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i hope that americans and new york has this. we live in a dangerous world and you can see someone acting with the fashion to support the isis. we have the latest this moment. telling our sources no one in the u.s. government is aware of such a plot and it actually was not erased with meetings with iraqi officials during the un general assembly that follows another 125i7statement saying t following. we have not confirmed such plots. we would have to review information from. iraqi partners before making further determinations. we will keep you posted on whether it turns out to have a real basis in intelligence as it comes in. this is happening days after the u.s. expanded air strikes into
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isis targets within syrian borders. this is footage that you are hearing on the strikes. here's an interesting thing. these are targeting oil refineries. we will look at that closely coming up. bill neely from washington and jim miklaszewski. terrorism analyst evan coleman. scrambling as the breaking news is coming in. i want to start with you. alerted the u.s. to the threat. from sources, we say this was not discussed at all. what do you know? >> i think they have a lot of questions to answer. they have a group of reporters including reporters from the "new york times." really the claims are pretty sensational. he is talking about an imminent plot to attack subway systems in
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new york and paris. remember the two that are engaged in air strikes from the west on iraq and syria are the united states and france. he said he got this information from iraqi officials in baghdad and from the details he had seen, the plots looked credible. however he offered absolutely no proof of these claims and no evidence whatsoever. i think we have to give him the seriousness of what he is saying. we have to treat this with extreme caution and remember where he is saying and the two countries that he is highlighting. and we have to really question if he can't offer conclusive proof of this, and for saying that, the administration kicked
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back and have not been told. they have not been informed of these plots in any way. >> an important point right now we want to convey to the audience, this is not something we have confirmed. there was an announcement that a lot of complex motivations and a lot of skepticism and reason to be careful before we get hysterical about this. stay with us there. i want to hear more from you, but mick at the pentagon, you were in the briefing. did you hear anything about this? >> the admiral john kirby was asked about it and said he had no information about it. in the discussions, they said they had no indication of a such plot. they say it doesn't fit the isis threat profile. isis is more concerned about creating that and holding on to it in iraq and syria as opposed to striking out against targets outside their region such as in europe or in the united states.
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the khorazan group who were targeted in northeast syria with 47 cruise missiles. they were intent and not close to, but were intent on attacking european and use targets. the officials were here. >> looking at that right now, new video we just received from the strikes and oil refineries. look at the strikes that took place overnight. you monitor these and what chatter are you seeing. >> i think they downplayed the
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threat that isis poses to the domestic threat. some are downplayed more than they should be, but particularly what you suggested, there is no evidence to suggest there was a lot and no chatter by isis supporters and supporters in syria and jihadists talking about this. is it possible they are targeting? maybe. how serious is this plot? what is the information here and i think as bill neely pointed out, the implications here about whether or not this inspiring confidence in the government are serious. the white house is apparently pushed back against this. and the fbi pushed back. if this were a real plot and there was a threat against new york and paris, the fbi and the white house would been it probably before the iraqis. >> jim, has the government been monitoring or preparing for possible isis retaliations to these air strikes?
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>> the. >> they don't think that isis voted. they have their own options right now. it appears they are hunkering down with the first wave of air strikes that occurred around the dam. the isis fighters started removing the black flags that identify them as the enemy from all their vehicles and then assimilated themselves back into many neighborhoods and villages throughout iraq and syria. in an effort to protect themselves against u.s. air strikes. right now they appear to be regrouping and figure out what's going to happen next. officials are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for some retaliation and what form or when or where, nobody knows. >> we will be watching that closely as you know you are tell
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me what that was like. >> isis was about two miles away. we can see them moving around in there you can see blackened debris. occupied by isis and the kurds say they have pushed back from six villages, several miles over recent weeks and that is with the help of u.s. air strikes. they want more and they are vital. they are cautious and not moving and we can see about a mile or a mile and a half away.
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they were not moving into that and isis is very skilled at lacing the villages with ieds and booby trap bombs. one village that had recovered 95 ieds and they appear to be taking ground and they want more. >> up against a lot. promising signs and a lot happening about threats. thank you so much. appreciate all your work and appreciate you making sense of it. >> still ahead, eric holder stepping down. what legacy is he leaving behind? who is going to replace him. >> the u.s. releasing the air strikes we have been talking about in syria. what is the impact and how is the white house doing in building a coalition around the
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>> more breaking new this is hour. attorney general eric holder stepping down today. we are expected to hear a formal announcement this afternoon. holder is it stepping down after years with the justice department, one of the longest serving in the united states history. also the first african-american. one white house official saying this today about holder. holder's accomplishments have established an historic legacy of civil rights enforcement and fairness to the civil justice system. there is a lot of controversy in that career. senior white house correspondent chris jansing.
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thanks for being here. first of all, let's talk about the controversies that holder had. at every turn, he was on the frontlines as this administration was taking fire. >> in the beginning there were questions about closing gitmo. >> khalid shaikh mohammed. >> he has been a target. to say fairly, not always outside the administration, but in some cases inside, he was one of the few people with the noticeably famously reserved president who had a personal relationship with his wife, michelle obama very close and they spend time together a lot socializing. they are within every administration when someone is close to a president, there is push and pull. i think eric holder has also like to think he has a legacy of fighting for civil rights. someone pushed a president to see things on racial justice.
10:15 am
history will tell without a doubt. it is a mixed legacy in terms of that. >> we touched on some of the pro human rights stances. the liberal elites very much liked him for the fight over whether to try khalid shaikh mohammed on u.s. soil. on other issues he was sympathetic to big business and the holder memo outlining the rules for prosecuting and putting in another controversial position. where does eric holder's legacy lie? >> i will leave that for the historians to make that decision. clearly he was somebody who had the trust of this president very, very closely. he is somebody who in his post attorney general career wants to put himself in the middle of the racial issues that are critical in our time. maybe the attorney may have been ferguson, missouri. >> or actually asked to be dispatched.
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>> when you talked to the people who were there, they thought it made a difference and people work close to him saying one of the things. >> and i know you have to run. what's next in the process of selecting a replacement? >> that will be interesting. i'm getting e-mails from republicans -- criticizing and people criticized him during his tenure are kicking him on the way out especially. republicans of course. we will hear more about the announcement made at 4:30. we are hearing about the massachusetts governor not interested in the job. remember he was the one involved in the contraception case. the former white house counsel seen having dinner with eric
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holder. another close obama confidant. they won't announce it today. they are not going to name a possible replacement. this will just be a goodbye to eric holder. >> you are hopping on a plane to get back to d.c. >> err ek hoic holder presided majory same-sex marriage and an effort to reform the nation's drug laws to spare nonviolent offenders and harsh prison sentences. that is a key part of his legacy and an emissary to ferguson, missouri of an unarmed black teen. he has been following that story throughout every step in it really. you have been on the frontlines of this. he is with in, how does the loss of eric holder affect the president's ability to handle issues in ferguson and
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the broader conversation about race and police brutality in the country? >> i think the president will be just fine in his second term. he has been more vocal with communicating all the pressures and justices that black folks deal with. when president obama couldn't or wouldn't address matters of race, it was attorney general eric holder has stepped up. he has been on the frontlines for getting rid of zero tolerance policies that had black kindergarteners being suspended. the prisons are filled with black and brown people. we look at voting rights issues that this person affected black and poor communities. even down to ferguson. before ferguson, i don't think that was a turning point. after the trayvon martin case, that was a change in the way they addressed race. days after george zimmerman was
10:19 am
acquitted nk he said how he was stopped by police as a young attorney and he has been stereotype and he understands. weeks ago with ferguson, he said i am the attorney general, but i'm also a black man. that goes a long way with the black community. >> we awaiting the announcement at 4:30 p.m. and paying close attention to that. i wanted to ask you about this. a big apology from ferguson in the police chief. a divicive figure shall we say as the public face for a lot of this story. he spoke directly to the family of michael brown. take a listen to this. >> no one who has not experienced the loss of a child can understand what you are feeling. i am truly sorry for the loss of your son. i am also sorry that it took so long to remove michael from the street. >> an interesting explicit apology for the conduct in how the crime scene was handled. what impact do you think this will have?
10:20 am
>> i think some of the family's supporters would say too little too late, but it speaks to the lingering divide between along racial lines in the community. when you speak to chief jackson, i talked to him a few times, he seems earnest. like a number of officials, they seem clueless as to how it transpire and raising in in the black community. he apologized and the county police chief came out and i think it does something some would say too little, too late. >> thank you for your incredible coverage of this issue. >> thank you. >> up next, a lot else happening today including shocking video that you have to see if you haven't already. a state trooper shooting an unarmed man in broad daylight as he wonders why. you won't believe how the story ends. don't go away.
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a lot of stories and here's what you need to know. >> in texas, he is charged with adepting a missing uva student. here is jesse matthew appearing before a judge this morning in texas. they think he is the last person that had seen 18-year-old hannah graham before she disappeared on september 13th. he is charged with abduction and attempt to defile. he is being held without bond. they are expected to debrief reporters on this in about 90 minutes. the manhunt for a suspect accused of shooting a trooper in an unexpected troom. he stopped the assault rifle and they found his cigarettes and dirty diapers. he is a survivalist and might be using the diapers to stay stationary for long periods of
10:25 am
time. >> whatever his state of mind is that caused him to act out this way, that state of mind causes him to stay engaged with law enforcement and in some ways i almost think that some of this is a game to him. >> he is accused of shooting two state troopers and killing one almost two weeks ago. >> an unarmed man shot boy a police officer and this time, caught on tape by a dash cam. this video is disturbing to watch. i should warn you. >> get out of the car! get on the ground. get on the ground! >> i'm getting my license! it's right there! >> why did you shoot me? >> you dove head first back into your car. >> i'm sorry. i didn't hear two words!
10:26 am
>> former south carolina highway patrol trooper and a-time trooper of the year was arrested on wednesday for the september 4th shooting. he faces up to 20 years behind bars for the aggravated assault. the attorney said the actions were justified. the driver had been pulled over on suspicion of a seatbelt violation. stay with us. big news. the president has just spoken about what's next in the ebola crisis. we are live from the frontlines. you won't want to miss this. take a look at the top stories that are spiking from colorado.
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>> we want to return to the breaking news. flatly denying the prime
10:30 am
minister claims of an isis threat targeting new york city or terrorists. they targeted the subway system and a plot he told the reporters yesterday had yet to be thwarted. following this story closely, nbc new york investigative reporter jonathan knows the situation very well. we appreciate it. what are they telling you at this point? >> they are monitoring the information coming from the and we have spoken with multiple and local levels and they have not been informed of the threat information and as of now, there is no new threat to new york and they don't know what the prime minister is talking about and they are caught off guard by the off happened remarks that were made to reporters at the un.
10:31 am
they are trying to get on it, but there was nothing that has been shared with them that would validate the comments that there was a threat to the subway. as of now, the position of federal, state, and local home security officials, the position is that there is no new threat to the subways or new york. the general street stream that continues to be out there, new york is considered a possible target and there is no new threat to new york as of now. >> we have been telling the audience this is a major event that he made this comment, but there is a lot on that front. if you take the situation so closely, since the strikes began, has there been a change or escalation in security? >> both governors in the last 24 hours ordered a ramping up of
10:32 am
security across the area not because there is any specific threat, but because the environment exists and with the strikes overaccess. in new york and new jersey as a precaution and on the trains and the landmarks, up to 500 national guard troops deployed and police patrols. across the city and across the transportation of bridges, tunnels and airports. as a precaution. they say this will be the place for it for at least the next 100 days before they get a better grip on the terror threat. >> changes right here on the ground at home. appreciate that update. >> we are getting reactions from world leaders to the u.s. campaign against isis including significant push back. iran's president already called the air strikes by the u.s. illegal. they spoke at the un general
10:33 am
assembly here in new york. >> i wandered that if the right approach is not undertaken in dealing with the issue at hand, we get closer to a turbulent d that comes from within the region and provides us. >> iran continuing to be a stra teakically significant hold out as they build a campaign and it's not the only one. joining me is joe wilson. it's a pleasure to have you on the program. let's talk about the puzzle pieces in the building effort. who is the most strategic hold out in your view? >> i think turkey. turkey has a lot to offer and they shared the long border. the borders have been porous.
10:34 am
they have been purchasing black market petroleum and they are affected by isil on the borders and they also have the resources more than the other countries in the region to do something about it. >> the air base there could be significant if and when they allowed us to use the airspace. they gave the speech earlier and is otherwise quite friendly to the west certainly for the context he is in. he has been openly critical of the campaign. what do they need to confront isis? >> actually what they need from them is the extent to which we cooperate at all would be to have iranian intelligence assets that the last thing in the world we need is to prosecute a shia
10:35 am
assault against a sunni extremist. i would not look to them for much more than staying out of the way. i think it's important that the president made it clear that there were a number of sunni governments that signed up and participated with us in the attacks on isil. >> do you get the sense that there is any perhaps covert collaboration on the intelligence side with iran with the type you described going on already? >> i don't know. nothing would surprise me. it strikes me that if you look at the pattern of the air strikes, we were looking at where the strikes were at and where that intelligence came from, i don't know. it could have come from the saudis and the jordanians.
10:36 am
it could have come perhaps from the iranians. they are mostly by sunni extremists. >> how does the war of words inform ongoing negotiations over the nuclear program. >> if you just asked me a question, i didn't hear it. >> how does this bode for the negotiations with iran over the nuclear weapons? i think they are not getting the questions. do we have an audio problem? thank you to joe wilson. appreciate the insights. next up, we hear from president obama who spoke about the ebola outbreak at the un. we will have a live report from the frontlines. don't go away, everybody. my hygienist told me that less tartar means less scraping. so i'm going pro. [ male announcer ] new crest tartar protection rinse. the only rinse that helps prevent tartar build-up and cavities. a little swishing. less scraping. yes! [ male announcer ] new crest pro-health tartar protection rinse. it helps you escape the scrape.
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it's turned simple acts of love and comfort and kindness like holding a sick friend's hand or embracing a dying child into potentially fatal acts. if ever there were a public health emergency deserving an urgent, strong, and coordinated international response, this is it. >> president obama just a couple of moments ago at a high stakes session at the united nations on the ebola crisis. 2900 people have died in that crisis in west africa and terrified populations are being quarantined under brutal conditions. dr. rick sacra announcing his release from a hospital after treatment making him the third survivor of the virus. >> though my crisis has reached
10:41 am
a successful end here, unfortunately the ebola crisis continues to spinout of control. >> ebola here and there. joining me to break it down from skype in liberia on the frontlines is someone attempting to do some good. sarah crow from unicef. on the set with me. good to have you back. you are out there in the thick of it. there could be nearly 1.5 million ebola cases by january, the worst case projection. is it looking that bad on the ground? >> i have to say it really is a historic proportion. you can see and feel it. it's the only thing here wherever you look is on the issue.
10:42 am
nothing has happened before. we are making the first draft as we go from realtime. we are racing to catch up. this epidemic is spreading fast, but we are able to operate and doing the best we can. we had an arrival of the first batch of 50,000. >> take a listen to what they said. >> there will be more than 3,000 troops have given countries much more confidence. we will bring in liaisons and translate that overtime. we don't have time to waste.
10:43 am
you seeing that global commitment she is talking about in action on the ground? is that just talk? >> that's about ten days ago. there was a sense among li yearian friends that they felt abandoned. the aid workers were too afraid to come in. since about years ago, you heard from the united nations with the u.s., there encouraging signs of it starting to move. it's beyond the organization. it requires a monumental massive effort and we are out there with social mobilization with all our partners. they are with the lead on this.
10:44 am
we have to remember that they are not just doing all kinds of inhave vented things themselves. >> on the frontlines of this and risking a lot. thank you for that update. dire circumstances there. possibly talking to other countries. is that a helpful medical approach to this. ? >> there is a big role. this is a security crisis. this is important for that region, but in the surrounding countries, you are seeing travel restrictions that are unhelpful. the government resistance to opening the bridge makes sense for them. we have to get supplies and probably the most important thing is getting supplies and colors in to reduce the rates.
10:45 am
>> there a number of priorities here. isolating cases and treating the infection. that has been a big problem. and community engagement. we will be watching each of those closely. thank you too. >> we have an update on the breaking news. new comments from the director of the fbi about whether there is isis terror plot against theus based on the comments out of iraq. we believe they have been onward an attack, but it's hard to say about the statement there. we will get details about that. it's hard to say whether it would come tomorrow, in three weeks or three months. he and a lot of officials joining in and saying they don't believe they are capable of
10:46 am
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you. >> welcome back. more breaking new this is moment from director james comby. he said he believes that the masked men in the isis execution videos has been identified. you see him there. he has been referred to as jihadi john in some circles. he declined to say who this is or where the man is from. there have been reports that he is british. we will be working on confirming this and how much he knows. he did say that the fbi is working hard to identify two other people in isis propaganda videos who appear to have american or canadian accents. we have a big focus going on right now. we will stay with that for you. world leaders are gathered addressing in part these mounting terror threats. the un secretary general said the world made great strides and
10:50 am
developed the goals like fighting poverty. what does great strides look like? there still 1.2 billion people in the world who live in extrem. there's interesting solutions coming from other quarters as these world leaders meet at the u.n., where else can we see solutions? well, not necessarily a solution and a lot of reason for skepticism. there's interesting models coming from the celebrity activism sector. i sat down with now doubt as they were promoting this weekend's third annual global citizens festival. the reuniting for the first time in two years to perform at that debate and they've been using social media to get interesting world leaders engaged in this cause. take a listen. >> it's not just our fans, it's these people that care that had to fight to get these tickets by taking action. the energy is going to be unlike anything we've ever experienced. because it's not a pay your money and get in.
10:51 am
it's like what can i do? and we're all -- everybody's uniting to get there. and then everyone that's there has contributed in some way. so the energy is going to be, i think, really extreme positivity. so that's what i'm looking forward to. i've done, what we've all done so many shows around the world so many years now, and this is going to be something we never experience. >> i think what's exciting is the -- tony and i were chatting the other day about the prime minister of norway in particular. as you probably know, ernest sohlberg and norway is a country of only 5 million people, yet one of the most generous nations in all of the world. you know, it's so exciting because if they as the third largest donor to the global vaccinations could step up this year, it would make a world of difference. when no doubt were tweeting about them the other day, it was so cool, i got on the phone with the folks from norway.
10:52 am
they're like, yeah, it makes a huge difference. >> when celebrities and performers like this speak up. >> absolutely they do. you know, because, you know, this is about culture and changing culture. and really, i think, no doubt is an amazing artist, and many of the other artists involved are the bastieculture. music unites people. what we found when no doubt tweeted the other day, it had such resonance. even the foreign affairs department of norway said, yeah, we saw that. we're so excited. yeah, it works. >> i think that's one of the reasons so successful with these specific initiatives because they're so targeted. when he called and asked us to tweet, you know, it was part of the spirit of this whole thing we're involved with. and it was the least we could do. >> this is the thing i see looking at this. i've definitely seen a lot of examples of celebrity activism that doesn't have an impact. i think it's a cool approach to this kind of change. what prompted you to pick an event like this?
10:53 am
>> we couldn't say no. this was an opportunity we couldn't pass up. it was, you know, we haven't played in a while. and when something this important comes along, it's an organization that's so important. from a selfish level, too. we haven't played for a while. and to get in front of 60,000 people and play together again is going to be amazing. >> and one thing the band has been working on is child survival, specifically. why did you pair them up with that objective? >> well, it all happened beca e because, you know, as you know, this year, we're focused on three major objectives. the first one is access to education, particularly for girls. secondly, water and sanitation, and thirdly, child survival, which is principally a subaharan african issue. and we were we were talking about these issues. we've all got children. >> how many kids between all the members of the band now? 12 maybe? >> 12. yeah. >> yeah. >> that's awesome. >> it's a lot of kids.
10:54 am
>> and adrian, for you, how has being a parent changed your commitment to trying to make a difference in the world beyond performing? >> to be honest with you, and i'll admit ignorance. before we started talking about the initiative and getting involved with you. i didn't realize that it was the number one killer. >> i have three boys and my oldest is 8 years old. he's going to come to new york with us. and excited about him seeing this whole thing. and kind of opening his eyes to this world where we can take action in the world to help other people. that's one of the things about. i think being a parent, you all of a sudden you start thinking about someone else in the world and you start spending more energy on caring for someone else. >> what would you say to other celebrities who are well intentioned but aren't sure whether to make the leap into kind of focusing on these more substantive issues? how do you do it right?
10:55 am
without seeming dilettantish? >> well, take the celebrity out of it. it's so different now. like everybody's a celebrity. everybody has -- can have their own website, their own platform. and they can make a difference. where we didn't have that before. you know. it's about just being human. it's about having your own platform and being able to, like, make a difference because we have social media, because we can impact each other because the world has become very small now. >> and hugh, what do you say to people who say this is celebrity show boating, this isn't substanti substantive? >> the proof is in the pudding. we can point to the fact that earlier this year, dr. rashar got on stage and announced a doubling of his commitment to fund girls' education through the global partnership for education for the last ten years, the u.s. government's given 20 million. now they're increasing that from 40, now to 50 million. >> that's what's so genius about what hugh's doing is it's an even playing field. it's about just being human.
10:56 am
it's about having your own platform and being able to, like, make a difference because we have social media. because we can't impact each other, the world has become very small now. the way you've done it, it's going -- it's a movement, it's going to last, it's going to be effective. it's kind of incredible. the more i sit here and the more we get into it and learn more and more about it, i'm more blown away and feel honored to be part of something like this. >> part of my conversation with no doubt. thanks to the band for that. this weekend, msnbc is going to be airing their performance and others at the third annual global citizens festival. a concert to end extreme poverty. that will be live on saturday starting at 3:00 p.m. right here on msnbc. again, 3:00 p.m. eastern time. we'll look forward to seeing you there. i'm anchoring it along with my colleagues chris hayes and alex wagner. and all week we've been working with you to address a major facet of this global poverty fight and major focus, lack of access to water. if you're moved by our coverage of that issue, there's something you can do.
10:57 am
go to our website for a link to support the water for the world act aiming to provide more people with clean water. that bill is stalled in congress right now. you can share your thoughts on facebook and twitter using the hash tag global citizen. that wraps up today's rf daily. joy reid is up next right after this break. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, this can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain,
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welcome to the "reid report." and we have two big stories breaking right now. top u.s. officials including the fbi are pouring cold water on the iraqi prime minister's comments claiming isis is plotting an imminent attack on the new york city subway system. and president obama is just hours away from announcing that eric holder will step down as the nation's attorney general. let's begin with eric holder. pete williams is nbc's justice correspondent. what do we know about the timing of it and the potential for replacementses?


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